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Coming in 2021...

The Sun and the Moon

Jena Habib thinks she does not belong in this world.  Of course, she’s right.  

Katelyn Applewood is convinced that her mother is keeping a huge secret from her; Tim McDonnell believes that his teachers belong to some secret society; and Javier Garcia’s mother warns him pretty much every day that the world is about to end.  Funny thing is…every one of them is right, too

**If you want to see a rough map of the fantasy world in the Outcasts, please click on the "Map" page above.

The Outcasts, Book I:

The Lies of Autumn

"The only ones who can fix a broken world are those who have been broken by that world."

Book II: The Darkest Forests

"Lie enough and you risk losing the truth entirely."

Book III: Whispers of Spring

"You cannot become a dragon to slay a dragon."

Book IV: A Flicker of Hope

"What if magic could dwell in unexpected places?"