Meet the Author: Chuck Abdella

Check out Chuck's interview on "Be My Guest" with Jan Lewis from November 2016:


Chuck Abdella is a History teacher at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury, MA.  With degrees in History from Boston College and Columbia University, Chuck has spent many long hours in the embrace of ancient and medieval civilizations.  During July, he also directs an academic enrichment camp called College Academy, where he usually saves the world at least once per summer by spearheading an adventure during the camp’s popular Time Machine Day.  Studying all that history, telling stories as a teacher, and seasonal world-saving have all inspired his writing.

Chuck has written poetry and prose for at least 25 years and has been published by the St. John’s Icon, the Boston College Stylus, Worcester Magazine, and  The Boston Globe

When he’s not spending his time reminding adolescents that the Romans were much cooler than they thought, Chuck enjoys reading, cooking, coaching youth softball, playing basketball, and watching Boston sports.  He is grateful for the support of his loving wife, Kerry, and his two daughters, Zoe and Molly, whose writing and story-telling he tries to encourage daily.