Chuck Abdella's books on Goodreads
The Outcasts: The Lies of Autumn The Outcasts: The Lies of Autumn
reviews: 9
ratings: 24 (avg rating 4.42)

The Darkest Forests The Darkest Forests (The Outcasts, Book II)
reviews: 7
ratings: 16 (avg rating 4.62)

A Flicker of Hope A Flicker of Hope (Outcasts #4)
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.80)

Whispers of Spring Whispers of Spring (The Outcasts #3)
reviews: 1
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)

The Sun and the Moon The Sun and the Moon
reviews: 1
ratings: 3 (avg rating 5.00)

What are readers saying about

Shadows and Stars?

"It was...refreshing for young, high school women to be portrayed in a way that was holistic;

their passions for sports, school, or friends were not tempered, nor were they reduced to

archetypes like"the athlete," "the smart one," "the cool one," which can be hard to find in YA novels.

The humor he manages to weave in for the reader also hits the mark

by keeping the reading light while touching on topics of the upmost importance

such as social justice, equity, leadership, and softball."

--H on Amazon

"As is typical of Abdella’s growing roster of works, this entry was well-written

and an all-around great read. Magic, secrets, and surprising plot twists keep the story fresh,

exciting, and devoid of clichés, which is a great strength of the series.

Abdella’s engaging characters are authentic and so richly presented that they provide

ample place for almost any reader to find a point of connection.

A fresh and brilliantly realized portrait of whip-smart kids who work together

to become greater than the sum of their parts."

--Wallace Hartley on Amazon

The Sun and the Moon?

"I came for the intricately weaved fantasy tale, and stayed for the amazing characters.

What Chuck has always been great at is creating characters that the reader deeply connects with

and roots for. In The Sun and the Moon, Mr. Abdella was able to capture the modern

teenage spirit with stunning accuracy...which creates a dynamic and intriguing read. 

I’m so looking forward to the continuation of this story when book two is released!"

--Sara Hendricks on Amazon

"Abdella has written something that feels both perfectly of-the-moment and also timeless.

The teenaged protagonists are richly drawn, complex and realistic, created

with a deep understanding of the particular challenges of growing up in this day and age."

--DianeReads on Amazon

"I found the characters extremely relatable & real;

Abdella clearly understands teenagers,

as well as the complexity & richness of relationships.

The intersection between the world as we know it ("Shadow World)

and its magical counterpart is well developed

and makes the story feel believable.
"The Sun and the Moon" is my favorite Abdella novel

to date and I can't wait for the sequel!"

--Pagano on Amazon

"This is Abdella's best book yet -- and from a big fan of the Outcasts series, that's saying a lot.

Not being a young adult myself, I was a bit hesitant about the move into YA,

but Abdella strikes all the right notes, delivering a fast-paced action novel that

mixes high school drama with strong fantasy elements and

at the same time gives readers plenty to think about

-- the latest (and most fun) version of the recipe he applied with

such wonderful effect in the Outcasts. Can't wait for the next one!"

--R McClintock on Amazon

What are readers saying about Book IV,

A Flicker of Hope?

"This was a highly anticipated conclusion to a series that I am so grateful to have found.

I’ve said it before, but the sharp writing, the modern themes, and the characters

I’ve come to love is what made this “not really into fantasy” girl a big fan. 

This last installment in particular  was my absolute favorite.

Not just because of the exciting conclusion,  but the edge of your seat path

to get there was totally wild. I’m left totally satisfied and wondering what is next from

the mind of Mr. Abdella. I’m looking forward to future adventures!"

--Sara on Amazon

"...This was the best volume in the series - nonstop action, terrific character development,

a well paced weaving of numerous storylines, and an exciting and satisfying climax

and denouement that answered all my questions. I loved the epilogue - perfect.

If you've read the first three Outcasts books, have no fear: Abdella delivers..."

--RM on Amazon

"A well written and exciting series. Just when you think you know where the story is heading,

everything changes. I can not recommend this series enough!

I enjoyed every word as I was falling in love with The Outcasts!"

--Wendy W. on Amazon

"A master of the cliffhanger ending--both chapter endings and the endings of each

of the first three books in the series--Abdella knows how to keep readers turning the page.

Readers who have been eagerly awaiting the final installment will not be disappointed...

I highly recommend this series from start to finish. Without risking any spoilers,

I can only assure you, the conclusion of this series is delightfully satisfying."

--Author Diane Mulligan

"Another fun and fascinating read from this series and author, and this final title did not disappoint.

Continuing with the trajectory of the series, the engaging story, and moreso the enthralling writing style,

kept me rapt for page after page. Once again, Abdella’s pacing and continuity were excellent,

carrying on multiple, shifting storylines, providing each with plot advancement before moving to another.

It was truly satisfying to follow these characters for so long over all of the books,

and to watch them develop as their situation unfolded for us and them.

Put simply, I was sorry to see it end."

--Wallace on Amazon

What are readers saying about Book III,

Whispers of Spring?

"...(A)  fitting third installment to the series...

Whispers of Spring keeps the reader guessing as you're

whipped along a plotline that never feels stale or dragged out...

As they explore more corners of the realm, you'll see that Mr. Abdella has,

with great care and attention to detail, produced a living, breathing world for

our heroes to explore, with plenty of nods to historical and fantasy predecessors alike."

--Matt on Amazon

"I really enjoyed the third installment of this series. I thought the writing in this book

was much more mature, more confident than both previous books - Mr. Abdella's books and

writing have improved with each installment..."

--Admiral Piett on Amazon

"What a fun read! It was hard to put this one down after diving back in

to reconnect with the characters that we came to know and love from the series.

Book 3 harnesses the rich backdrop and character development from the first two

installments to take the series to new heights. The stakes feel even higher,

the personalities are even more entertaining, and the world

even more expansive and rich. The series continues to delight and surprise."

--Amazon customer

What are readers saying about Book II,

The Darkest Forests?

"Like its predecessor, this book captures the reader with its characters

and the relationships between them. The author is particularly skilled at mixing

drama with humor, and mixing old fantasy with something entirely new and his own..."

--H on Amazon

"I would highly recommend the second book in the Outcast series...

There are battles, dilemmas and strife that keep the plot moving and keep the reading interested.

There are alliances, friendships and romance between the main characters... and maybe even sabotage...

I am looking forward to the third book in the series to continue on the journey with the Outcasts.

--Andrea on Amazon

"This was an interesting read. The author did a wonderful job.

I would recommend. A unique and good read."

--Katrina on Goodreads

"An exciting second installment that leaves readers ready for the next!

Very hard to put down as it never gets dull.

Recommended for anyone who likes reading about fantasy worlds,

wizards, elves, epic quests, friendship, and love triangles."

--Helen on Goodreads

What are readers saying about Book I,

THE OUTCASTS: The Lies of Autumn?

“It's not about the action (although there is plenty), it's about the relationships…

As he deftly cuts away from the final scene, we are left with a non-traditional cliffhanger,

which is a perfect way for this non-traditional fantasy story to end.

While Mr. Abdella excels at all of the traditional elements of fantasy writing, …

he is really playing a much more significant game. 

By developing fully realized characters, complete with distinct prejudices, heart-breaking betrayals,

and a steady growth towards new perspectives, …

his story is less about the external battles against orcs or trolls or goblins,

and more about the internal battles that all people face when encountering

those who differ from themselves.  Mr. Abdella should be congratulated for writing a compelling

first novel, and for providing a story that promotes a powerful message in today's divisive world.”
--KB on Amazon

“I tip my hat to the author! This novel was captivating and I couldn't put it down…
it is not my typical genre. HOWEVER, I am so glad that I gave it a chance

because within the first chapter it pulled me in, and kept me in until the last page.

Now I'm biting my nails waiting for the next book…
This is the mark of a seriously wonderful author - to keep me wanting more

in a novel that is so far out my scope of 'normal' reading!

I HIGHLY suggest that you give this book a chance - you will be so glad that you did!!”
--Meaghan on Amazon

“Finally, some original fantasy…(T)his is not your typical fantasy adventure.

While evil leaders give orders… It is the darkness in all of us that represents the greatest danger of all,

and it is that darkness that threatens the realm and the fellowship's attempt to save it.”
--LP on Amazon

“This is a great book. Combining classic fantasy elements and themes

with witty dialogue and unexpected revelations this is a book for the ages.

The book’s exciting plot is only surpassed by its powerful message of tolerance

which is so relevant in the modern day.

Beneath the Wizards, Elves, and Morphs this book is remarkably human and connects with the reader.”
--Zach C on Amazon

“As a huge LoTR and fantasy fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this book ... can't wait until the next one!”
--LM on Goodreads

“…Abdella writes a spellbinding story which has suspense, violence, love, inter-species relationships, a good plot

and an ending that forces you to ask what is next for the four intrepid warriors

as they search for a world of acceptance of all living creatures. Good read, difficult to put down.”
--Joseph H on Amazon

"This book is brilliantly written and incorporates societal commentary, religious themes, historical context,

... I am not usually a fantasy genre fan, but I couldn't put this book down!

Chuck Abdella engages the reader with deep character development and plot twists that keep

you guessing; and waiting for the second book!! Keep writing Mr. Abdella!"
--Katie M on Amazon

"Highly recommend! The character development is unique and diverse.

The author naturally pulls you through the group’s journey in a manner that is both comforting and

unnerving (about what will happen next of course). For anyone who likes a good adventure,

this book is for you. Cannot wait for part two!"
--Luke B on Amazon
"The Outcasts is a superb fantasy adventure book…

Action scenes are exciting and easy to visualize.

The author's description of the magic and sorcery is clever and unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed it as the book picked up speed right to the finish.

The Outcasts has an exciting mix of romance, intrigue, suspense and supernatural action."
--Fred B on Amazon